Body Weight Heaven WOD – Tactical Tuesday

Welcome to another WOD! Let’s get your Tuesday focused on sculpting… For this WOD, we are developing a good look for when we leave the house one day! Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on maximizing your Tuesday!

  1. Air Punches – instead of punching straight, punch up in the air and work those shoulders.
  2. Jumping Jacks – move quickly from the handstand to the jumping jack. You know what to do here.
  3. Thigh Touches – get in to the push up position, head down to the floor (like normal) and when you’re at the apex of the push up tap your thigh.
  4. Tricep Push Ups – let’s keep going with push up… With this exercise, do a normal push up, but keep your arms close together and maximize your triceps.
  5. Chin Ups – you know what to do! And it’s OK to take a break and get back to the WOD reps!
  6. Burpees – not these again 🙂 Yes, let’s get back to getting you super fit. Hit the burpees after your punch combos. What an excellent way to end the WOD!
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